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Disable Apps

If you wish to disable a certain app, open up apps.tsx;

Location: phone/src/os/apps/config/apps.tsx

Here you'll see all the apps listed within the APPS object. In order to remove an app, you can simply comment out or remove the app you want.

export const APPS: IAppConfig[] = [
/* Hiding the bank app while the bank resource gets done */
id: 'BANK',
nameLocale: 'APPS_BANK',
backgroundColor: blue[900],
color: common.white,
path: '/bank',
Route: () => <AppRoute id="BANK" path="/bank" component={BankApp} />,
id: 'MATCH',
nameLocale: 'APPS_MATCH',
path: '/match',
Route: () => <AppRoute id="MATCH" path="/match" component={MatchApp} emitOnOpen={true} />,