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Main configuration

Introduction to configurating NPWD

This contains the main config for customizing NPWD. Below you will find main configuration options. The config options are displayed with their default values.

If you're using a older version than the latest some of these might not be in your config yet. You can just add them manually.


You can find a lot more available configuration options under defaults.


"PhoneAsItem": {
"enabled": false,
"exportResource": "my-core-resource",
"exportFunction": "myCheckerFunction"
  • "PhoneAsItem"
    • If you want to enable the phone as an item. This export needs to return ether true or false
  • "exportResource"
    • Resource which has the export
  • "exportFunction"
    • This export needs to return ether true or false


"general": {
"useResourceIntegration": false,
"toggleKey": "f1",
"toggleCommand": "phone",
"defaultLanguage": "en"
"showId": false
  • "useResourceIntegration"
    • If you are using a framework. esx / qb-core
  • "toggleKey"
    • Key to open / close the phone
  • "toggleCommand"
    • Command to open / close the phone
  • "defaultLanguage"
    • Initial language for the phone. This can be changed by the user
  • "showId"
    • Show the source of the player in the notifiation bar


"database": {
"useIdentifierPrefix": false,
"playerTable": "users",
"identifierColumn": "identifier",
"identifierType": "license",
"profileQueries": true,
"phoneNumberColumn": "phone_number"
  • "useIdentifierPrefix"
    • The prefix is referring to the text before the colon when obtaining identifiers.
    • If your database uses license:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX set this to true. Otherwise, set it to false.
    • This is only used when "useResourceIntegration" is set to false.
  • "playerTable"
    • The table in which your user information is stored.
    • REQUIRED COLUMNS: id, identifier, phone_number
  • "identifierColumn"
    • Identifier can't be the ID column.
  • "identifierType"
    • Ranges from the following: steam, license, xbl, ip, discord and live.
  • "profileQueries"
    • Provides useful debug information about the time it took to get data from the database.
  • "phoneNumberColumn"
    • The column where phone numbers are stored.
    • As of v1.03, you need to create this yourself. See the sql file for an example query.


"debug": {
"level": "error",
"enabled": true,
"sentryEnabled": true
  • "level"
    • Valid values: error, silly
  • "enabled"
    • Valid values: true, false
  • "sentryEnabled"
    • Valid values: true, false

Check out the default configuration options.