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Framework Integration with NPWD

NPWD was designed to be a framework agnostic resource that could work with any arbitrary framework. To enable this, we expose the newPlayer & the unloadPlayer export functions to pass the player context to NPWD.


The NPWD player API is mostly finalized, but the naming of certain exports and the expected data structure, may be subject to change.

Framework Integration Steps

You should use the newPlayer function whenever a player has finished loading in your framework. If you have a multicharacter system or any framework that handles player data, make sure that the identifier property in the passed argument object is unique to each character.

If your framework has a system for switching characters, you should first call the unloadPlayer function to unload the internal NPWD player, then call the newPlayer function to load the new character with the new context.


If you would like to see an example of this API in use, see the following repositories.