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Common Issues


My Phone crashed after a settings update!

This can sometimes happen after we change the structure of our client stored setting data. As the phone is in the beta stage, these changes can happen but are not expected to be numerous. If you experience issues after a settings update and you have previously used the phone, please follow the guide below.

  • Press F8 and paste nui_devtools then press enter
  • On the header, click application.
  • On the side bar under Storage expand local storage as such.
  • Find https://cfx-nui-npwd
  • Right click and select Clear
  • Restart the resource, using ensure npwd


Event playerJoining was not safe for net

You need to update your artifacts to a version beyond 3622. Don’t know your artifact version? Type version into your console.

Click here to download the latest.

No such export isPhoneVisible

You downloaded the source code and didn’t build.

Please download from the release tab and be sure you download the as this is the built version.

If you want to modify the source code please see the documentation page for building.

No such export: newPlayer in resource npwd

This export is only available when the useResourceIntegration is set to true. See here.

Cannont read properties of undefined (reading 'phone_number')

The error would look like this

This is usually caused by:

  • You did not configure the config.json properly.
  • You do not have a users table where you store player's identifiers.
    • As of v1.04, NPWD doesn't generate one.
    • You will need to install pe-core.
  • You do not have a phone_number column.

Failed to upload photo, Column 'image' cannot be null

Ensure you installed the correct version of screenshot-basic and have followed the documentation for generating an imgur token. If you have done so, then imgur may be blocked in your country. We're working on alternatives for this issue.

Basic Questions

How do I open the phone?

By default, the phone opens with F1. You can adjust it within the config.json.

Note: Once this is set, you will need to restart the server for the best results.

How do I use the phone to send a gps location to ambulance job?

We currently don’t have this functionality. We have plans to create an export to send a message so this will be possible.

How do I change the command to open the phone?

You can do so here. Just restart the resource after.

How do i set the default language?

As of v1.0.4, the only way to set the default language is by setting it here and rebuilding the phone. We are working on abstracting this to a config so this isn't required.