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ESX Integratration


ESX is very end of life and shouldn't be used. However, if you insist on doing so please use Overextended's ESX. NPWD is already integrated with it and it's actively maintained. The origional repository has no active maintainors and this is the most reliable fork to date.


Below are a list of depdencies, outside of the standard installation, for NPWD to work with QB-Core

  • esx-npwd
    • Required for the resource to work with the framework.
    • Uses the newPlayer export.
  • ESX
    • While esx-npwd may work on other esx versions, this is the best version to use.


You will need to adjust the config.json file to match the example below. This is required for esx-npwd to function correctly. This is located within the root of your npwd folder. See here.

  "general": {
"useResourceIntegration": true,
"toggleKey": "f1",
"toggleCommand": "phone"
"database": {
"useIdentifierPrefix": false,
"playerTable": "users",
"identifierColumn": "identifier",
"identifierType": "license",
"profileQueries": true,
"phoneNumberColumn": "phone_number"

Final Notes

Be sure your server.cfg resembled the example found within the installation page. As a reminder, esx-npwd may not work on older versions so be sure to use Overextended's ESX.