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QB-Core Integration


Below are a list of dependencies, outside of the standard installation, for NPWD to work with a QB-Core server.

  • qb-npwd
    • Required for NPWD to work with QB-Core using the newPlayer export.
    • Pre-configured phone as an item.
  • QB-Core

Initial Setup

The following steps are required for qb-npwd to function correctly with NPWD and qb-core. Follow each step exactly as shown.


Failure to adhere to these instructions will result in NPWD not working correctly.

  1. Adjust the config.json file in NPWD to match the example below.
  "PhoneAsItem": {
"enabled": true,
"exportResource": "qb-npwd",
"exportFunction": "HasPhone"
"general": {
"useResourceIntegration": true,
"toggleKey": "f1",
"toggleCommand": "phone"
"database": {
"useIdentifierPrefix": false,
"playerTable": "players",
"identifierColumn": "citizenid",
"identifierType": "license",
"profileQueries": true,
"phoneNumberColumn": "phone_number"
  1. Run the patch.sql, located in qb-npwd, on your database. This will add the phone_number column to the players table.
  2. Verify your resource start order in your server.cfg resembles the example found within the installation page.


By default, only the phone item in your inventory will allow you to open the phone. You can add/remove phone items in the config.lua in qb-npwd.

Final Notes

As a reminder, qb-npwd will not support any non official versions of QB-Core.