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Update Roadmap

We push any major changes to the develop branch of the resource. So

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.2.0+


Undetermined Planned Features

These are features we plan on adding to the phone, but currently have no set time frame to do so.

  • Bank App
  • Cell Service
  • Config for Bottom Navbar Order
  • Document App
  • Email App
  • Garage App
    • Will use NGWD as this is planned to be fully standalone.
  • GPS System
    • Send current location.
    • Intervally update real time position.
  • Group Messages
  • Image Enlarge on Click

Unplanned Features/Won't Support

These are features the team has no interest in supporting at the current moment. Please do not suggest them as they will be closed/denied.

  • Instagram App
    • Too similiar already to Twitter and only used for images. Not worth the dev time.
  • Music App
    • DMCA issues with music and potential copyright issues.
    • This includes any sort of variations to this that are focused on music or copyrighted material.
  • Job Whitelisting
    • Heavily dependent on framework integration.
  • Default Phone Contacts
    • We plan to handle this with our exposed events for calling/messaging so server owners can do their own things. There won't be any default contacts.
  • Radio App
    • Not within the current scope of the phone. Use an actual radio resource.
  • Support For Other Voips
    • We have standardized pma-voice and don't plan to support any other voice resources.
  • Support Ticket
    • Not within the current scope of the phone. Best to use a resource designed for this.